Palestinians desperately need us to take action HERE and NOW - please donate what you can to PSC

Thousands of Palestinians have already been killed in Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment.

PSC is working day and night to pressure UK leaders to call for a permanent ceasefire. Our costs are huge – please donate what you can to help fund our ongoing response, thank you.

Your donation will help fund:
  • Our emergency demonstrations - placards, stages and sound systems so our voice is heard
  • Publicity - online and offline to amplify Palestinian demands
  • Resources for local campaigning - we provide materials to dozens of local groups for use across Britain
  • Media support - putting the case for Palestine through expert voices, providing researching briefings and opinion polls for the media

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is the biggest organisation in the UK dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights. We are almost entirely funded by donations from our members and supporters. We don’t accept money from governments, political parties, or big businesses so we are truly independent in our campaigning. You can find out more about PSC here.

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